Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Great news! I'm not the A-side starter.

I suppose this is the wrong attitude. I should want to step up to the challenge. But my self-preservation instinct is stronger this time. Saturday is supposed to be a wet day. That means the ball handling is going to be sloppy, which means a lot of scrumming. The forwards, especially the tight-five (the pack, the closest bound of the scrum), will carry this game. And Springfield supposedly has some big-assed, experienced props. I'd get eaten alive. No thanks. I'll stick to the B-side, thankyouverymuch.

I will, though, be the first (likely only) sub at that position. The starter is going to be the guy whose tackle injured our starter, but he's never played prop before. He's a tough guy and seems to be picking up the position pretty quickly. Judging from the amount of attention I got in practice today, though, especially on the finer points of scrum technique, I wouldn't be surprised to be called on in relief late in the game, especially if we're winning.

Being a B-sider will give me exactly what I'm looking for, though: a great workout with only a moderately physical game against guys who are only somewhat better than me. <big sigh of relief />
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