Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Disappointing lunch

Went to the supermarket yesterday at noon after playing football for a couple of hours to get my supply of lunch stuffs for the rest of the week, now that I am becoming a habitual brown bagger.

The deli did not have maple ham, so I settled for honey ham. I wanted something other than roast beef this week, so I asked for prosciutto, the domestic instead of the pricier imported. I got alfala sprouts, a wasabi horseradish sauce, and some plums.

The prosciutto tastes too salty. The honey ham is nowhere near as tasty as maple ham. The sprouts were soggy and practically rotting. The horseradish sauce was indistinguishable from mayonnaise. And the plums were mealy.

I feel extremely dissatisfied with my lunch, but I can't really afford to eat anything different. Lunch for the next few days will be something to get over with rather than enjoy. <sigh>
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