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Rules: Write 20 random things, and time yourself while doing so. After you're finished take the time it took you to complete it, divide it in half, and tag that number of people to do this meme.

Starting time: 11:09 p.m.
  1. My first name means "ruler of the people."

  2. My middle name means "crown."

  3. Both our rugby A-side and B-side won today, extending our records to 4-0 and 2-1-1, respectively.

  4. Based on all the Serenityreviews on my flist, I think I can wait until it comes out on DVD and I've seen all the Firefly episodes.

  5. The style of writing in Madeleine L'Engle's Many Waters seems far more "adult" than in the other "Time Quartet" books (A Wrinkle in Time, A Wind in the Door, Swiftly Tilting Planet).

  6. I'm going to the Chargers-Patriots game this Sunday, for free.

  7. I'll be wearing my custom authentic Chargers jersey with my favorite number and "Panama" on the back for a name.

  8. My favorite number is 22.

  9. I'll be going to two NFL games this year, both for free.

  10. I still have not received my grandfather's birth certificate from Italy, and that is the only thing holding up my departure to London.

  11. I had no idea Joss Wheedon was associated with Buffy and Angel until a few days ago, perhaps because I don't watch either series.

  12. Thanks to trowa_barton, I was able to watch the season premiere of The West Wing, with all the commercials edited out.

  13. I'm trying to do this quickly so as to tag the fewest number of people and am failing miserably.

  14. I am debating whether to give up on book club, as I seem to be the only one motivated to keep it going, and that motivation has been lagging.

  15. I am reading my eighth book in the past month. That's impressive for me.

  16. Of course, the 8 books were the 7 Narnia books and Many Waters. Not exactly dense reading!

  17. 17 is a prime number.

  18. Last night I dreamt that my family was eating dinner and a huge tidal wave was approaching, so high that it threatened to flood even our house on the top of a tall hill. I tried to get everyone into a back room, where there would at least be a wall instead of just a window between us and the wave. My sister dragged her feet because she was still eating. By the time I got her in the room, I realized my dad was still at the table. He was stubbornly insisting that he wanted to finish his dinner before the wave hit because once the wave hit he might not be able to eat for quite a while and that might affect his blood sugar. I only barely got him into the room as the wave hit the house and almost wasn't able to close the door to the room as water rushed into the hallway. We still got wet as water came up to our waists, but we did not get blasted by the force of the wave, the wall having done its job.

  19. That last random item is singlehandedly responsible for 2 more people being tagged.

  20. I still have a cold.

Ending time: 11:24 p.m.

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