Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Ever notice how intertwined everything seems to be?

Life has some interesting twists and turns, doesn't it?

I am having some t-shirts made for my softball team.  The league coordinator had recommended a couple of different places to me.  I was working with one of these places, approving artwork and discussing shirt sizes, etc., when out of the blue, on the morning of our first game, they called to tell me they wouldn't be able to do my job.

I did an internet search and found a printer in Somerville who could do the job in time for our second game and for less money.  My contact there called me today to say that we would have to choose a different color than what I had requested.  Rather than guess whether the colors he suggested over the phone would look good, I agreed to stop by his place of business in the morning and choose an appropriate color myself.  In exchange for this minor inconvenience, the printer will be able to hand me the finished shirts half an hour after I choose a color.

Keya called me later today to ask me if I could give her a ride to softball on Thursday.  She's having her car in for regularly scheduled maintenance.

I had an appointment scheduled for tonight at 7 to have Camille at Liquid Hair Studios cut my hair.  This place is only about a 15 minute walk from work, but I was running late and wanted to head straight for home and a meal after the haircut, so I decided to drive there and park right in front of the salon.

I got to the roof of the parking garage and, as I walked towards my truck, suddenly started worrying that my tire might be flat. But when I reached my truck and checked the tire, I saw that everything was fine.

As I drove down the parking garage from the roof towards the exit, I saw two cars parked in the middle of a turn with their hoods propped open.  A familiar tall, lanky figure stepped from one car to the other.  As soon as I recognized Dan, I realized that Keya must be nearby...after all, Dan wouldn't be at BU Medical Center unless it involved Keya.  Sure enough, Keya was seated behind the wheel of her car, trying desperately to start it.  I paused to say hi, but I had an appointment to keep. I felt bad that I couldn't stop to help.

I got my hair cut very short.  While Camille cut my hair she told me how the purebreed chow chow that she bought her mom as a birthday present -- the one she flew to Tennessee to buy -- had just passed away at only six months of age.

As I walked out of the salon, Jeff called.  He wanted to know if I had any plans for tonight.  I didn't.  He wanted to know if I wanted to watch the Miss Universe pageant.  I don't normally enjoy pageants, but this one was being held in Panamá.  For that reason, yes, I'd be up for watching, and he was welcome to come over to my place to watch.  "I'll be home in 15 to 20 minutes," I told him.

"Um...never mind.  No, I won't be," I informed him as soon as I heard the telltale rumble of a flat tire as I pulled out of my parking space, "but I'll ask Stephen to leave the back door open for you before he leaves."  I pulled into the next opening I found along busy Tremont Street.  If I had the proper tools, I might change the tire myself.  But then again, I'm lazy, and I might as well put my AAA membership to good use.  Fortunately, I had pulled into a space right in front of an inexpensive hole-in-the-wall Chinese place, so I was able to eat dinner while I waited for roadside assistance.

When I was done eating, I returned to my car to wait there.  While I sat waiting for AAA, a homeless person asked me if I had any spare change.  I'm tired of lying and saying that I don't, so I grabbed some change out of the ashtray (that's what ashtrays are for, right?) and gave it to him.

The AAA guy noticed that my spare tire was low on air.  I thought that was unusual, but what was I to do?   Turns out I was only a few blocks away from a gas station, so I figured I'd go there and put more air in the tire.  I didn't make it far before I heard the telltale rumble again and then felt a definite lurch to the right.  By the time I got to the gas station at the corner of Mass Ave and Tremont, the spare tire was in shreds; there was nothing for air to fill.

I called AAA again and waited another hour for another tow truck to come to my assistance.  While I waited at this new location, a new panhandler asked me for 75 cents.  Again, I'm tired of lying about this, so I told him that if I had it in my pocket I'd give it to him.  I had it, and I gave it to him.

A few minutes later I found a dime on the ground.

I had AAA tow me to the parking garage at work.  In the morning I'll go buy a cheap spare somewhere, call AAA again to put it on the truck, then drive to a tire place to patch up the little hole where the screw punctured my real tire.

Keya is listed as a co-captain of my softball team to provide back-up in case I'm ever not able to make a game.  So, I called her up to see if she wanted to go t-shirt shopping in the morning.  AAA had finally gotten her car started, so I figured she could pick me up at home in the morning, drive to the t-shirt place, help pick a color, and then drive us to our mutual place of work.  Maybe we'll even pick up a spare tire along the way.

I called home.  Jeff answered.  I knew he would, even though it's not his place.  The pageant was almost over, but Jeff informed me that Panamá had been shown off very nicely.  I asked Jeff if he could come pick me up at work.  It's the least he could do, I thought, since he had just spent the previous 2+ hours watching t.v. at my place.  He agreed to come get me.

Life has some interesting twists and turns, doesn't it?

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