Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Merry Wives of Windsor: The Opera

Last night at rehearsal, lillibet instructed us to run through our lines before we acted the scene. Just for fun, I sang out my first line: "Mine Host of the Garter!" To my surprise, the Host sang back her line: "Bully, Sir John!" And so on we proceeded. She impressed me with her musicality and comfort in the postmodern idiom I was using. Then everybody else jumped in, singing their lines. It was very amusing watching all the characters make a serious effort to sing their lines operatically and to make the melodic line fit their dialogue. Only one character refused to sing; I dubbed her the sprechstimme role. At one point I forgot my next speech, so I turned to lillibet and sang, "Line!" Once she recovered from laughing, she glanced down at her — I resist the temptation to call it a score — and sang back my cue, prompting more laughter. It was a blast doing the scene this way and, you know, I bet it helped strengthen our memorization.
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