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Interview Meme

Questions courtesy of muffyjo

1. Where else in Europe do you plan to visit when you live there? Anywhere I can afford to visit! For starters, I plan to go back to Edinburgh and see more of Scotland, including Glasgow. I'd love to visit Stonehenge and Wales. Cross the Irish Sea to Dublin and to Galway Bay, where my relatives (my mom's great-grandfather and family, the Cochrans) are from. Go through the Chunnel to Paris and Brussels. Amsterdam. I've always wanted to see Salzburg, and I would love to visit Vienna, Prague, and Buda Pest. And I would love to spend significant time travelling through Italy and Spain, especially the southern part of each country.

2. If you had your choice of any stage, in any country, anywhere in the world, which one would make you happiest to sing on and why? As long as I am on a stage singing or acting, I think I would be happy. Really. Part of me wants to say Covent Garden, because my life is becoming London-centric right now and it is such a fine theater. I think I would love to sing at Glimmerglass in upstate New York, because they always do very creative productions at their summer festivals. I would love to sing at La Scala, but I am afraid of the catcalls; the Italians know their opera and have little tolerance for anything short of perfection. I would also love to sing at San Diego Opera's Civic Theater, because I interned there one summer, and at Panamá's Teatro Nacional, because I am proud of my Panamanian heritage and such a show would bring me and my family and friends (at least those in Panamá) mucho orgullo.

3. How much of the world have you seen, and how much more are you interested in visiting? I have driven cross-country five times and thus have seen major portions of the United States. Aside from the non-Floridian/non-Texan deep South and Alaska, I have seen this entire country. I have been to Japan. I was born in and grew up in Panamá, and the only part of that country I haven't been to is the Darien, a dense jungle region bordering Colombia. I have travelled throughout Costa Rica, have been in the Baja California part of Mexico, have visited London and Edinburgh, and have made brief visits to Guatemala and to the airports in El Salvador and Belize. I am interested in visiting as many parts of this diverse world as I can get to. Tops on my list right now, without repeating the European locations listed in my first answer, are Australia and New Zealand, Franz Josef Land, Peru, Argentina, China, Egypt, the African Rift Valley and Mount Kilimanjaro, Thailand, and the Galapagos.

4. What, next to Opera, is you favorite genre of music? To sing? To listen to? You know, opera is not my favorite music genre! I just happen to have a really big voice that is unsuited to any other style of singing and a flair for the comic and the dramatic. My favorite genre is classical, but I usually prefer orchestral music. (Moreso than symphonies, I love tone poems and similarly evocative pieces.) I also love music that involves the piano or cello either solo or in ensemble. And of course, I love rock, especially stuff from the '80s and funky stuff like Cake and System of a Down. I love salsa, especially Rubén Blades and Celia Cruz. And I grew up listening to and still very much love (I would say he and Rubén Blades are my favorite popular musicians) John Denver's music. As for favorite non-operatic music to sing, I might have to say musical theater and jazz.

5. What are the most recent two books you've read? C.S. Lewis' The Last Battle and Madeleine L'Engle's Many Waters. I just started reading Isaac Asimov's The Naked Sun.


As usual, if you want to ask me questions or have me interview you, just let me know in the comments.
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