Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

My Last Rugby Game

Okay folks, I know y'all have nothing better to do tomorrow. (And T@F folk, no worries, lillibet will be happy to cancel rehearsal for this!) So, come watch my last rugby game of the year. You can personally witness as I throw myself headfirst into guys bigger and stronger than me, lift my teammates up into the air by the shorts, and let guys stick their hands between my legs to grab my crotch!

Alas, we aren't playing for first place. We may indeed end up with more points than Hartford, but first place is determined by head-to-head. Hartford beat us last week, so unless they lose to Newport in Hartford (not bloody likely) we're playing for second place. Tomorrow's opponent, Old Gold (the other Div. II Boston team), is also 5-1. The winner of tomorrow's game will host a playoff game on November 5, and the loser will travel to the Metro New York area. (Alas, I didn't know about the potential for this playoff game and won't be able to play because of commitments to Theatre at First, so this really is my last game.) The winners of these playoff games are automatically in the national tournament in the spring.

So, this is it, my last rugby game. Come watch the reason I have been pouring out sweat and blood on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Come see the cause of all those deep, colorful bruises, the painful ankles and shoulders, the sore neck and back…. You may not understand the game, but it is a spectacle worth watching, and I would love to have some fans on the sidelines for my last heroic effort.

The game is at Moakley Field in South Boston. (Driving directions can be found here at the Charles River Rugby website.) The park is near the JFK stop on the red line. It's the field closest to the stadium, and there's plenty of parking along Day Boulevard past the State Police station. The A side game is at 12:30, and the B side game is at 2. I hope to see a bunch of you there!

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