Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

New userpics!

lillibet just sent me a couple of images I can use as new userpics and a link to pictures from one of our play rehearsals. I went ahead and made two new userpics from the other pictures and would like to make another one from this one if I can get my hands on the original large-res pic:

Falstaff hides behind an arras that isn't in place yet!.

Here are the new icons:

First the two that lillibet sent me:

Eww!  Thou mightst as well say I like to walk by the Counter-gate, which is as hateful to me as the reek of a lime-kiln! I love thee, none but thee, and thou deservest it!

And now the two that I made:

Does it apply well to the vehemency of your affection that I should win what you would enjoy?  Methinks you prescribe to yourself very preposterously! La, yes!  I do have charms!

Thank you, lillibet, and Margaret Hart, our photographer!
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