Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

It's not all bad, but it doesn't make me feel good

So several months ago my laptop stopped charging. I recognized what the problem was because my machine's symptoms exactly matched those pinkfish described in a post a year or so ago. Most likely, there was a solder point that had to be fixed. I figured I would be cheap and try to ask a friend to do it for me instead of spending the hundred or so bucks to have a pro fix it. My initial call for help was ignored, but I convinced Bri to have a look at it. Well, Bri fixed the solder point, and the computer could now charge up, but apparently he fucked up the motherboard and the machine will no longer power up with video display. The repair shop estimated it would cost over $900 to fix the machine. As much as I love that machine, the cost means fixing it is not an option.

It looks like I will have to buy a new laptop. And now all the Thinkpads come with that annoying little touchpad thing at the bottom that I absolutely hate. The minute I buy my new machine (if I can find a model I can afford and a means to pay for it), I will disable that annoying touchpad and go only with the vastly-preferred eraser head. I also don't know what model to get anymore, since Thinkpad no longer makes the A series. Do I go with the R series? The T series? The new Z series? I have to do some research this weekend …

… but I'm no longer going to have regular reliable internet access, because today is my last full-time day of work. <sigh>

I finished The Naked Sun last night. I found it so much more enjoyable than Caves of Steel, so I decided I will go ahead and read the final installment of the Robot series. Since the computer store is right next to the bookstore where I get a BU faculty discount, I decided to pop my head in and use the discount before I lose it. After all, I'm soon going to have a lot more free time to read! Alas, they didn't have The Robots of Dawn. But, there are other books I've been meaning to get. Ever since a conversation with lillibet, muffyjo, and hotpoint last week, I've been wanting to read Stranger in a Strange Land and The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress; the store had the former, not the latter, so I bought it. I have also been thinking for a while that I should discover some of Piers Anthony's non-Xanth material, so I bought On a Pale Horse. They finally had Le Guin's The Dispossessed, which I've been wanting to read since I read The Left Hand of Darkness a couple of years ago, so I bought that, too. Finally, because I've heard so many good things about it and have been curious for a while, I bought Ender's Game.

This was all before I received the phone call from the computer store informing me of the $900+ repair estimate, or I might not have bought the books. Well, I'm not returning them, but I have no idea what I'm going to do for a computer now. Not having a computer is not really an option if I want to keep doing freelance web design stuff to bolster my income for the next few months of unemployment and while I'm in England. Any recommendations?
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