Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Make that four in a row. They're never going to want to play Catan with me again if I keep winning like this.

I really thought I was going to lose, though, when Dan placed a settlement in such a way as to (1) cut my road, (2) keep me from getting longest road at any point in the game, and (3) keep me from building on wheat all game. He actually got to 9 points at one point with Longest Road and had enough to upgrade a settlement to a city on his turn for the win, but I screwed him over on my turn. I made a very lopsided trade with Eric that enabled him to reclaim Longest Road and get to 8 points. A couple of turns later I realized that, despite numerous mistakes, I could still win. Although my goal at the time had just been to screw Dan over, by allowing Eric to take Longest Road I prolonged the game just long enough to pull off the improbable. I built a road and settlement on one turn, a road on the next, and a city upgrade on the next to put me at 9. During Eric's turn I announced that there was no way to keep me from winning, since I had enough to build the settlement for the 10th point and had enough cards that I could weather soldiers and robbers. Matter of fact, I declared, the only way I could lose was if lopsided trades occurred to give Eric the win instead. How quickly Dan and Keya traded their entire hands to Eric for one card each! They studied his cards for a good 20 minutes...the only way he could win was to buy two development cards and hope they were both victory points. It didn't happen. I won.
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