Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

more on electronic gadgetry

Since just about everyone I know seems to own an iPod, I have wanted one for a while. Thing is, while I need a laptop for various reasons, I do not need an iPod. It is a luxury that, at first glance, I can't afford.

Put in the context of my impending move to London, though, I start to wonder if maybe owning an iPod might not be more affordable than not. I do not want to be without my sizable CD collection, but the costs of shipping all those CDs overseas will be exorbitant. It might be cheaper to buy an iPod, transfer my entire collection (some 700 or so CDs, about 2/3 classical) to it, and leave the CDs with my parents or a friend.

Of course, I know absolutely nothing about the various models of iPods. Can any of you give me your thoughts on what model iPod might be good for me, whether the sound quality is good enough for classical music, or anything else I might need to know? Thanks.
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