Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I just racked my blueberry wine into the secondary. The fermentation finally started going strong a few days ago. I am optimistic this wine will turn out well.

I learn something new all the time about winemaking, which is part of the fun. I can't be expected to get it all right the first time. For my first two wines, the jalapeño and blueberry, I've adhered fairly faithfully to award-winning recipes. This, I hope, takes as many variables out of the equation, so that I can produce a decent wine despite the mistakes I invariably have made. As I become more knowledgable of and comfortable with winemaking, I will start to experiment a little more. I'm thinking I should start a new wine every three or four weeks, and have enough supplies on hand to make that possible. That way, once my wines are ready to drink, I'll have a new vintage to sample every few weeks. :)

I just bought a new book to help me with my winemaking education: The Joy of Home Winemaking by Terry Garey.

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