Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

CD tally

Okay, so I just counted up my CD collection. (I think I found them all, and if anyone has borrowed CDs from me, well I've forgotten about it.)

I have 317 classical CDs, 40 jazz CDs, 25 musical theater CDs, and 193 other CDs, for a total of 575 CDs. (This is counting actual discs, not albums, since the purpose of doing this is to figure out how big an external hard drive I'm going to need.) Of these, 3 of them (Samuel Barber's The Lovers, Boston's Greatest Hits, and Disturbed) are duplicates. I also have a case that's been missing its CD (Saint-Saëns' Carnaval des Animaux) ever since I moved out of keyasau3's place in Revere. Additionally, I have 39 borrowed CDs (38 classical from Ellie).

I would like to copy the 355 classical CDs in .wav format to preserve everything. Same for about half of the jazz CDs, a couple of the musical theater CDs, and a handful of the other CDs. The others can go in compressed formats. All the rock, country, and salsa for sure can be recorded as mp3s.

So, any guestimates, based on these numbers, as to how big an external hard drive I'll need for my music?
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