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Another winning entry!

Most of you know that ironpoet regularly posts a topic for his "Iron Poets" to compose poems about. He then chooses a winner from the various entries.

I just learned I won the last challenge! The topic was "Agatha Christie" and my winning submission was "Agatha Christie Meets Dr. Seuss":

Who did it? He did it! Nope, he's dead.
Who did it? You did it! Nope, I'm dead.
Fred did it! Ned did it! Who killed Ed?

Gunshot… Flowerpot… Poison eft?
Ned's shot! Fred is rot! No one's left!
Never caught, Dead I'm not! Agatha's deft!

This is my third win. My previous win was on the topic of "Magnetic Poetry," in which we were given a limited selection of words, from an actual magnetic poetry set, to use:

temerity as repose/his feckless carapace/a veil how lachrymose/to spurn times ruefull days

And my other win was my very first submission to the ironpoet. The topic was "the common cold," and the winning submission was:

There once was a cold in your system.
When thinking of cures you said, "List 'em" --
     Now my thinking in verse
     Will no doubt make things worse
So I recommend trying ant'histam'.

Even if I don't win, it's a lot of fun trying to come up with poems on the topics at hand. I encourage y'all to give it a try.

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