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  1. Alexander, Lloyd — The Black Cauldron
  2. Anthony, Piers — Letters to Jenny

I picked this up years ago from the bargain bin because it looked interesting. All I knew is that it is a collection of letters that Anthony wrote to a little girl that had been hit by a drunk driver. In On a Pale Horse I noticed a passage where Death talks to a little girl named Ginny, telling her not to fear him and that he promises not to take her in her sleep. I thought maybe Ginny was modeled after Jenny, so I thought it high time I read Letters to Jenny.

Turns out the similarity between Ginny and Jenny was just a coincidence. Anthony did name a character after Jenny, though: Jenny Elf, who first appeared in the Xanth installment Isle of View. LtJ had some interesting moments, some insight into the life of a peculiar author. He's a good man and caring, but he also came across as self-obsessed and oft-times inappropriate. Not a book I would particularly recommend.

The Annie Proulx collection would have been #2 on the list, but I've lost it, so that's on hold. I've begun reading the first of the Dark Is Rising sequence, so those should go by pretty quickly.

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