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The Good News

Yay! I found my book! It was in the theater, where I was pretty sure I had left it. It had been left on a countertop, behind a half-eaten chocolate cake (that looks about a year old), and someone had stacked paper plates on top of it. No matter — it's been found! I have some catching up to do now, as I meant to read a story every day and am now 5 stories behind, but I'll make that up.

The Bad News

I think I'm getting sick. I woke up early, after only 5 hours of sleep, to attend to some personal business. Instead, I had to deal with all sorts of unemployment issues that were suddenly time-sensitive. I spent half an hour on hold with the DUA, only to be told I had to contact the Fair Labor Board, who told me I had to figure out my issue on my own or hire a lawyer. To hell with that! I e-mailed my supervisor a very generic "termination" letter and swung by the office to sign it around 11:30. Then off to load-in at Arisia. My six hours of physical labor kept getting interrupted by phone calls from my former supervisor or the Personnel Office, though, about further issues with my letter and benefits claim. Because I arrived at load-in 1½ hours later than planned, I had to stay later to get my comp. Which meant that I didn't have time to prepare a healthful (and inexpensive) dinner; on top of that, the take-out place screwed up my order slightly. I wolfed down my meal, then left to pick up Bri at Alewife Station and go to rehearsal. Traffic was unusually horrendous — it's rarely that bad during rush hour, and by 7 p.m. the bulk of traffic should have been gone; Bri thinks the congestion was due to people leaving for their holiday weekend a day early. I was 15 minutes late for rehearsal and spent the next 3+ hours there feeling groggy and achey, but not a I've-been-lifting-heavy-things achey; rather, a something's-attacking-my-immune-system achey. Plus, my innards feel off, and I'm all fidgety. Not a good sign.


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Jan. 13th, 2006 08:16 am (UTC)
Though I'm sure many people could point out that my limited social life probably protects me... VITAMIN C. WASH YOUR HANDS CONSTANTLY.

Seriously, I used to get sick all the time (and I've always been a loner). I'm just prone to it. In the past year since I started taking vitamin C, I've hardly gotten sick at all.
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