Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I think I'm going to skip out on Arisia today. I'm feeling about the same as I was late last night and late Thursday night. That is, I'm not quite sick yet, but I'm feeling a mild but pervasive achiness and fatigue, plus the feeling that something is not quite right with my innards: i.e., the prelude to a flu. Looking over the Arisia program, there were only a couple of panels that sounded at all interesting anyway. (And one of them is run by surrealestate, so I could just ask her for a recap.) Since I'm a newbie, I don't really know what to do at a con besides the various panels and the parties later tonight (especially since I can't afford to spend money in the dealer room). The irony is that I earned the comp membership busting my butt at load-in on Thursday, and I think that's when I started feeling this way (unless I've caught the bug that my sexy co-star had this past week).

Must get better. It's not the end of the world missing most of the con. However, I have a big date with Katie on Tuesday and the show coming up in a couple of weeks. I'd hate to lose what limited time I have with her or not be able to perform at my best in the show. So, I think bed and liquids are the best prescription for today.
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