Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

So, I had another weird dream this morning. It was probably a series of short dreams with one constant tying them all together.

The constant was Nuria. Nuria is this really sexy woman, a la Mary Stuart Masterson is Some Kind of Wonderful, whose six-month visa from Spain to the Pulmonary Center I had arranged. I thought there was chemistry between us and interest on her part, but I was dating Katie-ex at the time and wouldn't allow that to happen. Of course, now I wonder what might have been if I had wised up about Katie-ex before Nuria returned to Madrid. She was one of three high-potential "things" I passed on because I was being faithful, and I had been thinking maybe I'd see if there was still interest when she goes to visit London in March or April. (Of course, at the moment, I'm suddenly not so interested anymore!) ;)

So, as far as I can tell, the dream starts with the two of us travelling together. I guess we were travelling in Boston, implying we were both from somewhere else. Nuria revealed she only got 1-way plane tickets, but that she had an alternative for our return. We were ferried to our embarkation point by my dad on a little boat that would hit the occasional big wave in some harbor (no longer Boston), climbing over the peaks and slapping hard into the troughs of the waves. At one point we saw the Statue of Liberty (my geography was all fucked up in this dream) and knew that we were being dropped off in New York City. This is when Nuria revealed that our trip would be by boat, but that rather than going home we were headed to Montréal. When she showed me the tickets to Montréal, I began to think that the interest truly was mutual and I might get lucky, especially when she described the little tiny hotel room we'd have to share. As we crossed the lake (because somehow, in my dream geography, Montréal is separated from New York by a big-ass lake), brown dolphins were playing in our boat's wake; one of them seemed to be hovering over the waves for several seconds like a flying fish. As we were arriving, the fellow in front of us bent over and reached into the water, not wearing pants; I noticed Nuria checking out that smooth, tanned ass and felt envious.

Upon our arrival, we found ourselves in a classroom … discussing Shakespeare! The professor asked two students questions, and an interesting discussion ensued. While this was going on, I noticed Katie-ex sitting near the front of the classroom, looking sour and stressed as usual. What the fuck was she doing there?! As I'm tried to process this, the professor wheeled around and asked me a question about how I feel some character (which apparently I had studied) connects with or relates to me in real life. I found myself unable to answer the question, not because I hadn't done my homework but partly because I was caught off guard and because I didn't feel the character and I had much in common. I ended up stammering out some bullshit answer.

Next was some sort of PT environment. Nuria and I were separated during this part, and I started to wonder if she might have gone off with that tanned guy from the boat. Anyway, I attempted my exercises on some machine, but not very well because of my left arm. The last test/exercise, involved doing somersaults over the backs of chairs, which I manage even though I've never been good at somersaults.

After the somersault test I walked down a hallway and saw a tall, sexy woman walk the other way and disappear into some doorway. I hustled after her, I'm assuming to chat her up. As I neared the end of the hallway, Nuria came out of a doorway behind me. I felt kind of sheepish because I'd been chasing after this other girl, but also a bit angry since I hadn't known where she was. I don't remember what her excuse was, but I think I found it acceptable.

We talked about what our options for the night were. We could pay for the cramped hotel room. Or we could go stay with her uncle, who had a villa in a valley about 70 miles south of Montréal. (Hey, I already told you this dream's geography was all messed up!) We were discussing the merits of either choice when I was awakened by my phone.
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