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Keya came by the house to pick me up around 9 this morning, as we had planned last night.  We got to the printer, chose a color, and then decided to shop around for a spare tire for my truck.

We drove around for at least half an hour looking for a place that would sell me a cheap spare tire.  One place looked suspiciously like a mafia front, which wouldn't be unusual in Somerville.  All they were good for were for giving me suspicious looks and telling me they didn't know anything.  Another guy, much friendlier but none too bright, told me he knew of a place I could get really cheap spares.  "Yesss, jas go ebout too mah-eels, joo see dat lah-eet?  Ebout too mah-eels -- ah-keep gone streh-eet, gone streh-eet -- an dehn when joo get to deh fooot pleh-eesss, turn rah-eet an der eet eess."  Well, we followed his directions as best we could, ended up in the middle of Harvard University, and u-turned to get back to Union Square in Somerville.  We stopped and asked another guy if he knew where I could find a cheap spare:  "Yeah, up here turn right -- I mean left -- and at the stop sign take another right -- I mean, another left -- and then look for an open garage door and ask for Dave.  He can hook you up."  Keya and I decided we didn't want to go around poking our heads into random garages and asking for Dave, so we headed back to the t-shirt place.

The t-shirts were ready when we got back, and they look nice.  Our softball team's name is Purulent Sputum.  Since we all work at the Medical Center, some of us in Pulmonary, some in Microbiology, and some in Infectious Diseases, it made sense to have a biological/medical name, and Purulent Sputum has a to it.  (My volleyball team is Wild Type, another biological term.)  To design a logo for the team t-shirt, I searched the web for a picture of purulent sputum.  Here's what I found:

real purulent sputum

If you look closely at the image, you'll see the outline of a "P" and an "S."  (Or maybe I've finally gone completely nuts!)  So, I traced this outline, filled in the image, got rid of all extraneous crap, and added some text, and I got the following team logo:

Purulent Sputum logo

Well, anyhow, we got to work around 11:30.  I had a ****load of work to do today, but the issue of my tireless truck was always on the back of my mind.

At long last, I called Keya to ask if I could impose on her for one more favor.  I asked if she could drive me and my tire to the Firestone on Comm Ave so they could patch up the tire.  Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to drive either one of us to softball on Thursday.  Keya had to be in Kenmore Square a mile or so from the Firestone at 6:30, so she could drive me around 5:15-5:30.  Unfortunately, we ran a little late.  We arrived at the Firestone about 10 minutes before they closed, and they would take a half hour to fix the tire.  Keya agreed to let me drop her off in Kenmore Square and come back to get my tire.  We agreed to meet at Barnes & Noble after her meeting.

As those of you reading this blog on Xanga will recall from an earlier post, Barnes & Noble is not a safe place for me to hang out.  I did have one planned purchase:  I had reserved a copy of O'Reilly's Information Architecture for the World Wide Web.  I still had over 40 minutes to kill after paying for that, though.  Uh-oh.  I managed to avoid any purchases as I browsed through the mythology and philosophy sections.  I did not, however, survive the Science Fiction section.  I have never read any of Douglas Adams' books and have been insanely curious for years, so I bought The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  Something next to the Adams caught my eye:  a book by an Edwin A. Abbott titled Flatland.  It looked interesting and, hell, it was only $1.50...why not!  And then I decided I needed to re-read The Chronicles of Narnia, which I hadn't read in some 20-odd years.  Can you believe I had to look in the Juvenile Fiction section to find it???  Juvenile, really!  Anyhow, it's a good thing I get a BU staff discount at the Kenmore Square Barnes & Noble.... And please -- I know -- I don't need to hear how I could have borrowed these books from each and every one of you! ;)

As Keya and I left Kenmore Square, I called AAA to get them to change my tire, figuring it would take them an hour to get there.  To my shock, they actually beat me there -- they only took 15 minutes -- and already had the flat spare off of the truck when Keya and I showed up with the good tire!  Then I realized I recognized the guy as the fellow who had changed my initial flat the night before...and Keya recognized him as the same fellow who jump started her car in that very same parking garage the night before.  As if last night's events weren't intertwined enough!  (Which, btw, was the whole point of yesterday's post, something I suppose I didn't make very clear.)

So, now my truck has a good tire, my softball team has new attire, and I'm tired so I'm going to retire to my room to read my new books.  Is this post is getting tiresome?

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