Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I was thinking this afternoon about some of the weird intersections between friends and acquaintances, how someone from one circle of friends or time of my life knows someone else from a different circle or time.

There was, of course, that time at zzbottom's when wildraven walked into the gathering. I had only known him from hockey games with my high school friend Rob. Seeing him at a gaming event with a mostly poly crowd was completely unexpected, about as far from hockey as you can get.

keyasau3 was telling me a few days ago that she walked into her sister Soma's home and saw a picture of Emily 1 on the wall. I knew that Emily 1 was a department administrator where Soma got her Ph.D., but I had no idea they were actually friends.

I don't remember the context, but last night at dinner Katie mentioned something about her friend H. I listened with the detachment that comes when hearing a story about someone you don't know. Then Katie says to me, "You know, my friend H who you know as A." I had forgotten that Katie and danger_chick were Tae Kwan Do friends. It's funny, 'cause before she left danger_chick had been thinking of introducing me to her friend Emily, seeing as in the past I've had a thing for Emilies. Now I seem to have a thing for Katies. Katie and Emily are friends and have apparently discussed the introduction that wasn't. I find it all very amusing.
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