Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

So, I learned a lesson: when I'm feeling the way I was last night, I should stay the hell away from my laptop! I know I've offended a few people, probably more than have bothered to comment, with my rant. I should have kept my thoughts to myself, or at least filtered them heavily. I could always try to duck responsibility by blaming the beer, but that's wrong: all the beer did was loosen my metaphorical tongue a bit and, alcohol or not, it was ultimately my choice to post; now I must live with the consequences.

I apologize to anyone offended by yesterday's tirades. I have gone ahead and friends-locked both offending posts to try to contain the damage, though the damage has already been done.

If it makes anyone feel better, I am suffering my pennance this morning in the form of a nice hangover headache.
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