Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Played hoops tonight. I hadn't played with this group since last spring, mostly because of rugby and theater. I knew half the guys there; there were several new faces.

One of them introduced himself while we sat on the bench after a game. "I'm Julian." After reciprocating the introduction, I explained that I wouldn't have any trouble remembering his name, since the character I'm currently playing on stage is also named Julian. The following is a paraphrase of the conversation that ensued:

"How long have you been doing theater?"
"Not long. I only just got back into it this fall."
"Did you take a class or something?"
"No, no. I mean, yeah, I took one drama class in high school, but nothing serious. It's community theater; it's not like we're professional actors or anything."
"I've been thinking about maybe doing a play."
"Funny you should mention that. The group I did the Shakespeare with in the fall is holding auditions this Wednesday and Thursday nights. The play's a comedy from the '30s, You Can't Take It With You. It won a bunch of awards way back when. My girlfriend is auditioning and she says it's a great play. Really funny. It's a big cast, and I know they're always looking for people. You should check them out. They're an amazing group of people."

He wrote down my e-mail address and the T@F URL and says he's going to contact me for more info. I have no idea if he can act (he says he was in a play in high school or college, I don't remember), but hopefully he'll give it a shot.


Sitting there waiting my turn to play, I started thinking about Katie-ex. Recently, everything about her has been negative, but these were actually positive thoughts. She actually came out to watch me play hoops with these guys a couple of times and gave me some pointers about what I needed to work on to improve my game. (She played varsity basketball in high school.) She said she was going to work with me to improve my shot but never did, but that was as much my fault as anyone else's.

Anyway, it was nice to remember an aspect of our relationship in a positive light. On the way home, I remarked to Bri about this, about how she actually was really cool for a while before…. Our first two months together were quite blissful.
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