Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Tentative Plans

So, I've spent a portion of today trying to come up with more concrete dates for my departure. Here's what I have so far, all subject to change:

Mar. 3 — Leave Boston. Swing by Amherst to have a beer with a cop I used to work with. Drive to Brooklyn to spend the night with Tommy and Diana. (~5 hrs)
Mar. 4 — Drive from Brooklyn to Silver Spring, MD, to spend the afternoon/night with Dan and Keya. (~4 hrs)
Mar. 5 — Spend day with Dan and Keya in Silver Spring, MD, and Jennifer in Chantilly, VA
Mar. 6 — Drive from Silver Spring, MD, to some point in NC/SC or maybe Atlanta, GA, where I might spend the night with Cherry and Vin. (~11 hrs)
Mar. 7 — Drive to ??, MS (near Biloxi, I think), to visit with Rob and Pam. (~6 hrs)
Mar. 8 — Hop over to New Orleans to visit my cousin Hector. (~1½ hrs)
Mar. 9 — Drive across TX. (~16 hrs)
Mar. 10 — Drive to Phoenix to meet Katie's parents (if she thinks that's a good idea). (~6 hrs)
Mar. 11 — Drive from Phoenix to San Diego. (~5 hrs)
Mar. 16 — Fly back to Boston.
Mar. 21 — Leave for London.

I've got to talk to a few people before I can shore up my plans. I need to nail these dates down, though, so that I can have a framework/timeline to work with.

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