Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I finally watched the Super Bowl tonight. It was a fairly lackluster game — not bad, just lackluster.

One of the things I kept hearing was how the officiating was horrendous. It wasn't really that bad, but there were two calls that cost Seattle 11 points. The second bad call not only cost Seattle 7 points but set Pittsburgh up for 7 of their own. Given that Pittsburgh won by 11, I'd say that's pretty big. Now, I think the officials made the right call on every call they had to review; however, the two calls they blew that cost Seattle points were judgment calls and, hence, unreviewable. I thought Seattle dominated at most facets of the game; Pittsburgh simply had better luck that day.

I know … as if you really care.

I didn't think any of the commercials were all that good, either.
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