Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Come take my stuff! (cross-posted to Davis Square)

I'm giving away or selling the following:

  • boom box w/ CD player, radio, and double cassette deck
  • air conditioner, 2 years old and looks/works like new. ideal for a bedroom. asking $100
  • 2 bookshelves, each almost 6' tall. one is narrow, the other wide
  • 3 racks for CDs, videos, DVDs, whatever
  • assorted clothing, including slacks, sports coats, sweaters, most in decent condition
  • a black felt cowboy hat w/ brown leather band. It's beautiful, but I never wear it. heliopsis, any interest?
  • 3-tiered bedside table
  • baseball chest protector, mask, and other umpiring equipment
  • some brushes and other art supplies
  • old monitors and CPUs. They're not great, but could be used for firewalls and such. Any true geek would find a use for them!
  • an old turntable. not sure if it works, but hey, where can you find a turntable nowadays?

And possibly more stuff as I go through my things preparing for my overseas move. Leave a comment if you're interested in anything specifically or want to come see what I have.

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