Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I'm not as out of shape as I feared. After all, it's been about four months since rugby season ended, and I haven't gone running since then. I've suspected I could run a 5K if I really wanted to, but that was all talk.

I bought new running shoes a few days ago and have been walking around in them, breaking them in. Today I finally decided to put them to their intended use.

I drove over to the track at Tufts and ran two laps to warm up. Then I stretched. I started running again — figured I probably wouldn't be able to go more than two miles at most and most likely just one. I completed the next two laps and felt fine, so I kept going. Each subsequent lap came and went, and I just didn't feel like stopping. After the tenth post-stretching lap, twelfth total, I stopped and walked a complete lap. Then I started sprinting; I ran down the straight side of the track, roughly 100 yards, then walked around the curve: four total sprints, totalling two more complete revolutions. Finally, I walked another lap to cool down before I drove home and stretched.

So, I jogged 3 total miles (½ mile, break, then 2½ miles), sprinted just under a ½ mile, and travelled a total of 4 miles. I felt I could've run more if the wind and drizzle hadn't picked up, making me cold. Not bad for a first time out in months!
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