Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Well, for once London is having nicer weather than the Boston and San Diego areas! San Diego is about 10 degrees warmer, but it's raining there. And Boston? About 10 degrees colder, raining, and I've even heard a report about snow! Here it's sunny and breezy with not a sign of rain anywhere.

But I'm not posting because I want to gloat about the weather. No, I've been cooped up inside working on music and computer stuff, unable to enjoy the fair weather. (I think I'm going to go for a run tomorrow, though.) I was able to trim my beard today, though! It's been two weeks and, while not quite Falstaffian in its unruliness, my beard looked unkempt. I hadn't been able to find a suitable trimmer here, so I ordered one online, and it arrived today. It's a Remington MB-42, for those who care, with ceramic blades and the little pop-up trimmer for my mustache. I thought about getting one with a vacuum, since I hate trying to clean up those pesky little hairs that get everywhere, but I read those vacuums weren't very effective. Why pay more for an inferior trimmer just because it has a vacuum feature that doesn't quite work?! So I got the more reasonably priced Remington, and so far it is great! I think I trimmed too close this time, but I'd rather my beard be too short than too long. I think I'll wait till Saturday, or maybe even Sunday, and trim at the next longer setting. Yay!
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