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Apr. 18th, 2006

It's quite possible that the only person who would care one whit about the dream I had this morning is emilykb. I'll relate it anyway.

I was standing by some street in London by a park. I noticed a guy walking down the street with an American football, so I signalled for him to toss me the ball and we started throwing it back and forth. At one point, I faked an underhand rugby toss, I suppose to impress a group of rugby guys that was standing off to my left.

One of the passes from my new-found football friend got past me between some parked cars. I went to pick it up when who should I run into, walking past one of the cars? My best friend from high school, Kim. Kim and I lost touch a couple of years into college, though we did see each other at our 10-year reunion. It was a real joy to see her.

Anyway, we started chatting. I wondered what she's doing in London and explained that I live here now. She apparently was with a group that was in London for some event. "You're never going to believe who's with us," she said and explained that this other person was just lagging a bit behind because she's old and can't walk so well anymore. I looked in the direction Kim had come from and, sure enough, about 75 yards away, there she was: Ms. Lee, my AP History and Government teacher, 1977 National Teacher of the Year, with whom I had an antagonistic relationship in high school but whom I was actually quite fond of. (We respected each other, though we didn't always see eye to eye.)

I don't remember the details from the rest of the dream, other than that we ended up in some room, perhaps at a party or something, catching up. I'm just surprised that these two figures from my past, who were such an important part of my high school years but with whom I've completely lost touch, appeared so vividly in my dream this morning.


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Apr. 18th, 2006 10:31 pm (UTC)
For some of us, dreams are an alternative life.
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