Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Last year, Cryptonomicon was my stumbling block. This year, it may be The Seven Storey Mountain that keeps me from my 50-book goal. Don't get me wrong: I'm very happy I read the former and am enjoying the latter in spurts. The things is, while the Merton may be half the length of the Stephenson, it's a slower read.

I'm going to have to keep breaking it up, just so that I can see some progress in my tally. I interrupted it a little over a week ago to read Stardust. I think I may interrupt it again today to read Coraline. Perhaps the best thing to do is to read a chapter or two in the Merton (each being roughly 30 to 70 pages in length) and then take a break for a shorter, quicker read. I'll definitely be able to polish off two shorter novels this way before I fly back to Boston. And while I'm there I'll have to pick up the rest of the Chronicles of Prydain so that I can add another three quick, enjoyable reads to my tally.
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