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  1. Alexander, Lloyd — The Black Cauldron
  2. Anthony, Piers — Letters to Jenny
  3. Cooper, Susan — Over Sea, Under Stone
  4. Proulx, Annie — Close Range: Wyoming Stories
  5. Kincaid, Jamaica — Lucy
  6. Christie, Agatha — The Unexpected Guest
  7. Dick, Philip K. — Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
  8. Cooper, Susan — The Dark Is Rising
  9. Cooper, Susan — Greenwitch
  10. Shaffer, Peter — Amadeus
  11. Anonymous — Go Ask Alice
  12. Cooper, Susan — The Grey King
  13. Martin, Steve — Shopgirl
  14. Cooper, Susan — Silver on the Tree
  15. Gaiman, Neil — Stardust
  16. Gaiman, Neil — Coraline

Well, that was a quick read, indeed! Not too often do I finish a book the same day I start it. In fact, I do believe it's only happened once before (when I read Howard Fast's April Morning maybe 15 years ago). (Edit: Come to think of it, I may have read the first two of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series in a day each as well, about 5-7 years ago.)

Another delightful Gaiman book—not as magical or perhaps even as satisfying as Stardust, but a wonderful, vividly drawn story. And I love what Gaiman did with the cat character! It is, without question, my favorite character in the story.

I find it interesting that it's the other mother who paraphrases King Lear, and not one of the retired thespians. It's in line with her character, though, as nothing in this other world is original, merely copies or imitations of the real world.

So, was Mirrormask loosely based on Coraline, or are they just similar? I couldn't help thinking of all the parallels between them as I read this story.

Now that I'm done with it, anybody want it? chrishansenhome, HWMBO and you have first dibs, if you want it (same goes for any book I finish up while I'm here). Otherwise, I'll bring it with me when I return to Boston and give it away there. For those who care about such things, the cover art is different from what you've probably seen. The cover you in the States are probably used to can be seen here; the cover on the British edition (which is, frankly, more attractive) can be seen here.

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