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A Victory for Mice Everywhere!

ironpoet's theme this past Friday was "What can 1000 mice do?" I submitted an entry with which I was particularly pleased and would like to share it. Fortunately, ironpoet also liked it and selected it as the winning entry. He and a couple of others have said some very nice things about it. (JC and his secretary think I ought to try to get it published.) I'm flattered!

I do think it's a cute, enjoyable, whimsical little poem (though not without its faults), and I did enjoy composing it. Here it is:

Last night I saw a little mouse as I was reading fiction.
He dashed into the living room from somewhere near the kitchen.
"Stop, little friend," I called, "for I would never hurt you.
Such deeds as that, I must avow, do rarely hold much virtue."

The little mouse, he looked at me, and then he wandered closer,
And much to my surprise he winked and uttered, "Well, hello sir!
For showing me such kindness, I'd like to offer it back.
Is there something I can do for you?" — "I'd love a midnight snack!"

"For that I'll need to call upon my brethren M. musculus."
And then he chanted out a call reminiscent of Catullus.
From out each cranny came a mouse — I know I counted twice,
For not just tens or hundreds, but at least a thousand mice!

They ran into my kitchen all, these creatures of the wilds,
And set about their tasty tasks like teensy Julia Childs.
I sat in awe and wondered as my kitchen was infested
By swarms of mice who chopped and cooked and, no doubt, surely tasted.

Yet before long they did emerge with platters full of goodies:
Burgers, pizzas, omelettes, and other yummy foodies!
"I thank thee, mighty mousedom, for my stomach you appease —
Yet now I must inquire: Where has gotten all my cheese?"

Right then I woke — 'twas all a dream — but I was still a-hungered,
so I looked into my fridge and found it had recently been plundered!
I heard a sound and turned and saw a little mouse, it seemed,
Before it vanished in the dark — perhaps I had not dreamed.

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