Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I had another lesson with Pollard today. He had several very positive things to say throughout the lesson.

Overall, I am making a much better sound. I'm not always consistent, though. I sang "Non più andrai" today, and while I am singing it so much better than I ever have, I occasionally slip and make a shallow, pressed sound. But I'm also becoming more aware of when I do so.

I had an audience while I sang "Non più andrai"! A little girl with her daddy stood outside the bay windows on the sidewalk enthusiastically pointing at me while I made this big rich sound and performed all these quirky gestures. It felt good to see her smile as I sang!

Pollard gave me some new exercises intended to help with tongue coordination while still keeping everything free. ("Li-le-la" on ascending triplets descending the scale.) They were a bit of a tongue-twister at first, but I'm getting the hang of them. Should be fun!

While singing "Gute Nacht" Pollard stopped me to mention that the last two phrases I'd sung were much better than the rest. I had noticed my breath creeping up on me so that I was holding it right around the bottom of my rib cage, so just before those phrases I adjusted and focused the breath much lower. He said that made all the difference in the world.

At the end of the lesson, Pollard told me this is absolutely the best singing he's heard from me. He is really pleased by the colors that are coming out and by the placement, roundness, and evenness of the voice. Yay!

I'll see him again next Saturday. In the meantime, he's given me a new aria to learn: Figaro's last aria, "Aprite un po quegli occhi." Should be fun!
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