Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

It's a beautiful day today—sunny, about 70°, the air cleaned by early morning rain showers. At least, it was nice: the temperatures have steadily dropped into the low 60s, the wind has picked up, and the clouds have rolled in. Nevertheless, I just got back from my second walk of the day, taking advantage of the glorious weather to explore my new neighborhood.

I had gone in search of a green space I saw on a map. Turns out that what I thought was a park contains an overgrown, unkempt cemetary and beautifully landscaped cricket pitches. The fields are fenced off and inaccessible, but I wouldn't mind taking an exploratory stroll through the cemetary some day.

I also discovered there's a supermarket closer to home than the one I've been going to. I'll have to go there the next time I need groceries.

On my way back home I suddenly stopped and thought, "I recognize these recycling bins." (Yes, recycling is uncommon enough that I might recognize specific bins.) I turned and, sure enough, there it was: the house I had initially agreed to move into, where the tenant decided not to move out. It's only a couple of blocks from my current place. I hadn't recognized the neighborhood before because I had seen the house at night. So, that's twice I've come to the conclusion this neighborhood is worth living in!
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