Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

There have been, in my opinion, three marquee match-ups in the World Cup so far.

The first was the Argentina-Netherlands match to determine the winner of Group C. Alas, both teams played überconservatively, and the match ended in a lacklustre nil-nil draw.

The second was yesterday's second-round showdown between Mexico and Argentina. It lived up to its billing. Argentina, by all rights, should have won it at the very end of regulation. The line judge incorrectly ruled the Argentine scorer was offsides. Fortunately, another Argentine placed one of the most perfect kicks I've ever seen in the far upper corner of the goal during the extra period, sending the obnoxious but skilled Mexicans home.

The third is going on right now, Portugal versus the Netherlands. I'm torn. I've picked Portugal to win the Cup in all my pools, but the Netherlands have always been one of my favorite teams. I guess as long as it's an exciting game, I'll be happy with whoever advances. Right now Portugal have a 1-0 lead two-thirds of the way through the first half, but the Netherlands have an explosive offense and one of the best defenses I have ever seen. (I believe this is the first goal they've given up in competitive play in a couple of years.) This game is far from over.

There are no other marquee match-ups in this round. That's not to say the games won't be exciting to watch. This is the World Cup, and at this level everyone brings their A game.

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