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Today was another gloriously beautiful day. Temps must have been in the high 80s or low 90s. The sky was a beautiful turquoise with streaks of white here and there. Just heavenly!

I decided I wanted to spend the day in a park or somewhere else outdoors. However, I didn't want to go somewhere I'd feel crowded by tourists. Thus, Regent's Park and Battersea Park weren't options. I pulled out my A to Z and browsed for green spaces. The London Wetland Center looked interesting and, being in Zone 2, was less likely to be overrun by tourists.

After Mass I grabbed "breakfast," then hopped on the Tube to Hammersmith Station. I crossed the Hammersmith Bridge to the south bank of the Thames. I noticed a dirt trail along the Thames and decided to follow it.

It felt like the old 10-mile hikes along Culebra Gaillard Cut I used to take when I lived in Panamá. On one side was the Thames; on the other, wetlands. In Panamá, it was the Canal on one side, jungle or wetlands on the other. Here, I had one small boat and one raft go by on the water; in Panamá it was huge cargo ships, often Panamax class. In both, the weather was pleasantly summery.

When I got to the actual Wetland Center, the entrance to the trails within the wetlands, I learned they charge an admission price, £7.50. Um, no, I can't afford that. Unless the big check I've been waiting three weeks for arrives very soon, I run out of money this week, so I don't have room for any but the most basic expenses.

Instead, I found a very comfortable bench on a semi-secluded trail near the entrance. It was next to a small bridge that connected two ponds, with ducks and other critters creating ambiance. I plopped myself down there and read for the next few hours. Then I passed up the bus in favor of the long walk back to Hammersmith Station, choosing to walk on the other side of the wetlands where I could check out all the mansions in the area.

On my way back, I walked past an interesting looking church. I had been late to Mass this morning, missing the readings and homily; this church had an evening mass in half an hour. I decided to attend. Nothing special, but I'm glad I went nonetheless.

I came home, fixed myself a salad for dinner, and joined some housemates in the garden. It seemed a sin to spend anymore time indoors than necessary while it was still light out. Well past 10 p.m., there was still light in the sky. It was a relaxing close to a relaxing day.
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