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I'm so disillusioned right now. This is not the way to end the greatest sporting event in the world. Now I have to wait another four years knowing that this was such a bullshit finish to this glorious game.

Italy is not the best team in the world. Not even close. They are not better than France. They are not better than Argentina, Brazil, the Netherlands, England, or the United States. Hell, they couldn't even beat Australia without a gift of a penalty, fer cryin' out loud!

I missed the best part of the game. Italy apparently played really well in the first half; they looked lost in the second half. France played well all game. Zinadine Zidane scored France's only goal and very nearly won the Cup on a beautiful header; but then he had perhaps the most disgraceful moment of his career. An Italian player said something to him, and Zidane thrust his head into Materazzi's sternum. He deserved the red card he eventually received. What a shameful way to end the career of the greatest player of his generation.

France had already subbed out Henry, Ribery, and Vieira, so they were now without their four top players. Despite outplaying Italy for most of the game, they were seriously underhanded and could not win it (though they came very close towards the end of the last overtime). Italy won in penalty kicks because France's Trezequet hit the crossbar on his shot.

They really need to let the players play until someone wins on the field. This penalty kick bullshit needs to stop. That and Zidane's incident ruined what was otherwise a great game for me.
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