Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

This laptop makes Methuselah look young!

My laptop is dying. I rely on the laptop—for scheduling, communicating, journaling, listening to music, research (including job and flat searches)—in short, for most everything I do.

I don't mind so much that the display is sometimes messed up so that images appear pixelated instead of crisp. It's still usable in that state. The big problem is that it often won't take a charge. Sometimes it'll keep charging on its own. Sometimes I have to keep the plug pressed to one side or the other of the jack. Sometimes that trick won't work until the battery dips below 15%. Sometimes that trick doesn't work at all, the battery drops to 3%, and I have to shut things down until the machine begins to charge again, usually the next day.

Unless my laptop is actively taking a charge, I try to avoid being on it. No point in wasting battery life checking or updating LJ or chatting on IM if I have limited battery life. When it's charging, though, I can do these things. (Currently, I'm typing away with my right hand as my left hand holds the plug in a specific position.)

Twice Thrice (just now and within the past 10 minutes) a fizzing noise came from the jack, followed by the smell of smoke. Maybe I shouldn't keep trying to charge this battery and just let the laptop die, cutting myself off from too many things.

Last night the battery wouldn't charge at all and got down to 3%. I shut the computer down. This morning I fiddled with the plug a couple of times, trying to give it some juice. Around 11 o'clock it showed signs of life. I let it charge for 5 minutes and then turned it on. Immediately I got a reminder for a lunch meeting I had completely forgotten about. This guy could provide me some important networking possibilities in London, but I wouldn't have received my reminder in time if the battery hadn't started charging then. I need to fix this problem somehow.

Edit: Minutes after I posted this, I decided to shift position, and suddenly my laptop went dead. Cold. As if I had suddenly popped the battery out. And as of last night, I can no longer mount my external hard drive. :(
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