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fj's questions

FJ asked me four interview questions a few days ago.  I hadn't answered them yet because, surprisingly, I found them difficult to answer. I will try my best.

  1. Ok, so Paulina Rubio is hot.  For the education of this gay boy, name 3 other hot media girls who are 'in' right now.  Bonus points if you explain why.

    Shit, this should be easy for a straight guy, right?  Maybe I need to reconsider....<wink>  See, sexiness is about so much more than looks.  I know it's clichéd, but sexiness is very much about both looks and personality.  (There's nothing sexier than a woman who knows she is sexy, even if she might not be by purely physical standards.)  [Dear Reader:  please feel free to drop the "wo" and "s" if appropriate.]  But, there really is no way to gauge the true personality of media girls, since they're all putting on a performance.  Thus, I will have to restrict my choices to women who are hot by physical standards only.  That's my first caveat.

    My second caveat is that I have no idea who is 'in' right now, as I don't follow popular culture too closely.  If one or more of my choices seems dated, that's why.  Also, keep in mind that I'm a strange person, and my choices don't by any means reflect the tastes of the Average Straight Male™.  So, without further ado:

    Jennifer Connelly.  She has a distinctive, elegant look to her.  She is both playful and serious.  She has a gorgeous face in the classical sense, with deep eyes.  I love the way her dark hair and eyebrows frame her face.  She has wonderful, sensuous lips and a perfect figure.

    Mary-Louise Parker.  I suppose the Average Straight Male™ would prefer someone with larger breasts.  Let me let you in on a little secret, though:  It ain't the size that matters; it's the shape and perkiness.  The fact that Mary-Louise satisfies in this department is besides the point, though.  She has the most amazing little overbite; it drives me crazy every time I see it!

    Diane Lane.  This is a face I could grow old with.  She has the most fantastic smile, and her eyes always seem to sparkle.  She has a great figure as well.

  2. Where would you rather live?

    I wish I could have the ideal career and have all my friends in Panamá.  I know I am biased, but Panamá has got to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world.  But I want to be where I have close friends and where I can work at something meaningful.  I have no idea yet where I will find meaningful work, but most of my friends are here in the Boston area, so I would find it difficult to leave, even though I can't stand Boston.

  3. You are totally comfortable in many mixed-orientation settings, to the point that people jokingly speculate about yours.  What's your history there?

    History?  I don't know that there's a history.  Should there be?

    This question reminds me of an incident with bitty and bubblebabble a few weeks ago.  We went to see a matinee showing of X-2.  Afterwards they were heading to a games party in Lynn.  I expressed mild interest in joining them, and we wondered whether I would fit in.  I asked if I would know anyone there, and she said it wasn't likely unless I was gay or into sci-fi.  My response?  "Well, I enjoy science fiction, and I like making people think I'm gay...does that count?"

    You probably know that I consider myself a devout Christian -- a Catholic, to be precise.  This may seem odd to some of you who know me because I don't act particularly religious or zealous and I don't really perpetuate any of the stereotypes that have alienated so many people from religion in general or Christianity in particular.  I believe that the central tenet of my faith, the most important commandment/teaching handed down by Christ/God, is Love.  Now, you're not going to see me gushing all over the place -- that's not my personality -- but I do try to treat everyone with basic respect.  I believe God made each one of us who we are for a reason, and we are naive and arrogant if we think we know what these reasons are or believe that someone is evil or inferior for being created as he or she was.  The Bible teaches us not to judge, lest we be judged.  I'm far from perfect in this regard, but I'm not so foolish as to think any less of someone because of his or her sexual mores, especially when mine are so far from "perfect," whatever "perfect" is.

    I've done drag a few times -- only two or four, really.  My mom always gets worked up about it when I do, worrying what people will think.  She's even gone so far as to tell me that she'd still love me if I was gay, all the while seeking confirmation of my heterosexuality.  Part of me is laughing while part of me is pained that she thinks this way.  Who the hell cares what people think about my sexual orientation?!  And what if I am gay?  Is that such a bad thing?  Obviously, you know the answer to that, as do most of my friends.  At least half of my friends, if not more, are not heterosexual; most of my friends have, at one time or another, had homosexual experiences.  I can remember at least two homosexual dreams that I've had, and who knows how many others I've had that I have no conscious recollection of.  I am comfortable with my sexuality, and anyone else's sexuality is not really any of my concern (unless she's cute...then I want to make sure she's either straight or swings both ways, so that I have a shot).  I can't imagine the poor quality of my friendships and life in general if I wasn't comfortable in mixed-orientation settings.  (Not to mention that I'd probably have to give up any aspirations of being an opera singer if I was at all uncomfortable in these settings!)

  4. There's a cognitive state, quite recently identified, called 'flow'.  Flow is identified by the subject being intensly wrapped up in a creative endeavour, usually completly unaware of time or other stimuli, for hours, and afterwards reported as being 'wonderful', 'engrossing', 'I was in the zone'.  When's the last time you achieved flow?

    I honestly don't remember.  I've been there, but it's been a while.  I remember as a kid I would be so into my Tolkien or Foundation reading that I would completely lose track of everything else.  I know there have been pieces of music where I was so engaged in the moment that nothing else mattered.  I miss that place.  With all the distractions in my adult life, it's hard to be in any condition to achieve flow.  I also suspect that maybe I suffer from some mild form of ADD.  Even in the middle of the most engrossing reading in the few moments when I can be alone with my book, I often drift away from the page.  Sometimes when I am writing I get so caught up that one could say I've achieved flow.  I've probably achieved it in recent months, but I just don't remember.

Thank you, FJ, for your questions.  If any of you wish to interview or be interviewed by me, just let me know and I'll oblige.

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