Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Well, sadly, I am without my laptop, having had to drop it off for repairs. ("Then how are you able to post this?" you ask. When I dropped my laptop off at Abdullah's little kiosk, I noticed an internet cafe a few stalls down advertising 75 minutes for £1. It's worth it.)

The power jack is completely FUBAR. Fortunately, my housemate Rob has a trusted friend (also Rob) who works with laptops and electronics. Rob 2 determined that the job was beyond him, since it would require completely stripping the laptop to get at the plug; but, he highly recommended Abdullah on Queen's Way. "Tell him I sent you and he'll treat you well. If it's not worth fixing, he'll tell you instead of charging you a fortune." Turns out Abdullah believes he can do it under £80, barring complications, and will try to have it done for me by tomorrow.

In the meantime, I could not resist the lure of £1/75 minutes internet.
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