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Opera in London, Summer-Fall 2006 Edition

Back in May I posted a list of operas I want to see while in London. I did not manage to see most of them. Madame Butterfly I missed because the cheap seats sold out and I couldn't justify paying full price to see it in English even with Pollard's top student playing the male lead. I passed up The Makropulos Case in favor of World Cup soccer. I overpaid to see Nixon in China. I completely forgot about Cyrano de Bergerac and Le nozze di Figaro. Tosca was sold out. I saw Bluebeard's Castle and Erwartung with Tania. Instead of The Nose, I saw Cheryomushki two nights ago with Tania and will see Katerina Izmaylova tonight with Hugh. I also saw Il Tabarro and Gianni Schicchi at Guildhall with Tania, operas not on the list, and a three performances of opera scenes, at the Hackney Empire over a month ago with Tania, last night at the Royal Opera House with Tania, and at Guildhall featuring Tania. Tania and I also plan on seeing the Bolshoi's production of Boris Godunov later this week at the Royal Opera House.

I just realized: some people have fuck buddies; I seem to have an opera buddy!

Here is a list of upcoming operas I want to see:

  • Le nozze di Figaro at Guildhall sometime this fall, featuring Tania as Cherubino.
  • Gounod's Faust at the Royal Opera House in September on one of the nights Angela Gheorghiu is singing.
  • Shostakovich's Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk at the Royal Opera House in September or October, for comparison with Mariinsky's production of Katerina Izmaylova, which is basically the former opera, reworked for the Soviet authorities and under a new name.
  • La bohème at the Royal Opera House in October or November, on a night when Marcelo Álvarez is singing Rodolfo.
  • Queen of Spades at the Royal Opera House in November or December. I wanted to watch this at Opera Holland Park this summer, since Pollard's student Mark Stone (who starred in Nixon in China) plays the lead role, but he can't offer me a discount ticket and Holland Park's ticket prices are ridiculously expensive (cheapest seat is £42). So instead I'll try to get a cheap ticket on a night Gerald Finley is singing at Covent Garden.

I'm not really interested in seeing the new production of Carmen at Covent Garden. I've seen Carmen at the Met and perhaps somewhere else as well, and I've performed in the choir twice, once with the San Diego Symphony and Master Chorale with Adria Firestone and Gary Lakes as Carmen and Don José, respectively. There is nothing at the Coliseum the remainder of the summer or fall that interests me in the least bit. (La Traviata or Marriage of Figaro in English? Gilbert and Sullivan's Gondoliers? A hip-hop/electronica opera based on the life of Libya's Gaddafi? No, thanks!) August is threatening to be an opera-free month, which is okay, since I'll be away for almost half the month anyway.

BTW, most of you probably knew this already or have figured it out, but I use ENO and the Coliseum for English National Opera and ROH and Covent Garden for the Royal Opera House interchangeably. I hope nobody's been confused.


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Jul. 24th, 2006 05:09 pm (UTC)
You should take me to the opera sometime when we find opportunity. (Which doesn't mean you have to pay for the ticket, but you need to be my guide.)

And in answer to your email, yes.
Jul. 31st, 2006 05:39 am (UTC)
Opera Holland Park
Hi I came across your website whilst doing some research. I am the general manager of Opera Holland Park and was struck by your following comment... "but he can't offer me a discount ticket and Holland Park's ticket prices are ridiculously expensive (cheapest seat is £42)." Actually, the lowest ticket price at OHP is £21. Most seats are £39 (we offer concessions on these) and then there are the £43 seats. In a piece that discusses ROH, ENO and others, I do think it ironic that it is OHP who gets called 'ridiculously expensive'! Quite apart from anything else, we don't get millions from the public purse. We also offer 1050 FREE tickets to people between the age of 9 and 18 (an adult can accompany under sixteens free also). We have a scheme whereby we have given over 500 people tickets for £10 (Student's late ticket list). Details of both schemes are on our website. You will also know that we have 850 seats so such schemes are significant. All of the seats on these schemes could be sold for full price. Indeed, we have MADE seats available on the Late ticket list because otherwise, members of the list would have been offered very little under the criteria! In 2007 we have a larger theatre and will have seats at £10, £20, £37 (the majority)£43 and £46. So basically there will be the same number of tickets available at the same or less than this season. Thanks Mike Volpe press@operahollandpark.com
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