Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I'm going to start locking most of my posts. One really can't tell who is going to read what one writes. I figured I could count on being a nobody to protect me. My illusion was shattered this morning when the GM of OHP found and commented on a post regarding opera in London. As you know, it's not the first time someone I didn't expect to be reading my journal did. Discretion is not one of my strengths, and this has gotten me in trouble on a few previous occasions. I just don't want to chance it anymore. I don't want some comment I make to come back and bite me in the ass and possibly affect my singing career. Thus, from now on I am friends-locking all my posts except for the book tracking and any silly memes I choose to do. If you happen to read my journal but aren't on my friends list, comment here if you want to be added.
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