Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

One way you can help support the arts…

I've been selling molas, reverse-appliqué artwork made by the Kuna Indians of Panamá, for the past few years online. However, I have sucked at marketing and my sales the past two years have been pathetic. I want to unload my inventory quickly, since I need the money. If you buy my molas, you would be supporting this starving artist as well as the artists who created these beautiful pieces.

I'm posting a link to my remaining inventory which includes the price of each mola (to which I would need to add shipping, but they don't weigh much and don't cost much to ship). If you are interested in buying any of them or simply want more information than what's on that site, please let me know. (Please don't use that site's order form, as the script is currently kaput.) Also, I am leaving this post open to the public, so if you know anyone who might be interested send them my way. Thanks!

Molas Online
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