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Yesterday was a weird day. Despite having been out till 3 a.m. discussing politics at JC's housewarming party the "night" before, I got up at 8 to go to mass. (Good thing the clocks turned back an hour!) After mass I grabbed a banana and headed to football. Then I left football early, rushed home for a quick shower and a change of clothes, grabbed a liquid yogurt, and dashed out the door with only fifteen minutes to get to the Prudential Center for a Duck Tour.

A Duck Tour in late October?! Well, yeah, bitty decided to celebrate bubblebabble's birthday with a Duck Tour. He had always wanted to go on one, so she arranged for a bunch of his friends to be there. I spent the day touring Boston and hanging out with friends instead of watching football.

While at bitty/bubblebabble's place after the Duck Tour, I turned on the t.v. to see if I could catch some football. Well, they don't have DirecTV, so there was only one game available, San Francisco versus Arizona. Boring! Then my mom called me to let me know about the fire situation. On my way to bitty's house, I had heard on the radio that there were fires in San Diego but didn't know the extent of them. I changed the channel to CNN as I talked with my mom.

I got home around 10:30 p.m. I watched maybe 5-10 minutes of the football game, bringing my total for the day to 10-15 minutes. I couldn't watch anymore, because the game was a blowout. I was exhausted, so I went to bed around 11:30-11:45.

I suddenly became a popular guy. I normally leave my cell phone on at night unless I am charging it. Last night it needed charging, but I was too sleepy to remember to turn it off. Keya called at 12:30. I remember nothing of the conversation. I got another call at 1:45 from a number I don't recognize and which I've since discovered was a friend in Pensacola. All I remember of that call is him saying that he'd let me get back to sleep. I'm sure I did receive another call, but it's not showing up on my cell phone. My new phone has a bad habit of not recording separate calls received from the same people. I think the caller was JC, but I'm not sure.

In the end, my phone didn't get charged either, because I was too sleepy to notice that the charger had become disconnected.

On my way to work this morning, I got another call. This was Ibraaheem, one of the guys I play football with. He wanted to make sure I was okay, because he's not sure he could have taken the hit I took.

Rewind. I played quarterback yesterday for my team. On third and about 8 yards or so, I faked a handoff to my running back and then bootlegged left to pass the ball. But none of my receivers were open, and there was no one in front of me. Even I, slow as I am, could run that distance, I thought. So I took off, angling my run towards the first down marker in order to put the most distance between me and the defenders. As I neared the marker, so did Grady, the other team's best player, a stocky guy with huge shoulders and biceps the size of my calves. All he had to do was grab one of my flags. But let's be honest: this is football, and first downs are precious. It's often easier to stop the player's forward momentum and than grab the flag. So, Grady lowered his massive shoulders. But I wasn't going to be stopped and, thus, lowered mine. We collided about a foot short of the first down. I was stopped. It was a loud collision. I remember being spun around and then descending in slow motion as first my butt and then back and finally my shoulders and arms slammed into the ground. But I popped right up, smiling, and Grady and I embraced each other. This is the football I enjoy, and I hadn't been hit like that since I played real football in high school. It didn't matter that I lost, that Grady's hit kept me from getting a first down. What mattered was that I enjoyed good, solid contact, and that the guys on the field respected me for attempting to do what I had to do to win the game. As is usual with so many things in life, it's not whether you win or lose that matters, but how you play the game, what kind of effort you make along the way.

Back to real time. While I was on the phone with Ibraaheem, I got another phone call. I found it amusing that I, who don't receive very many phone calls, had just received 5 at the most inconvenient times -- 3 while I was sleeping and 2 simultaneously while driving to work. Why can't I be this popular when I am receptive to phone calls???

To cap the weirdness, I learned this morning that the Chargers-Dolphins game -- the first Monday Night Football game in San Diego in 8 years, the return of San Diego legend Junior Seau, now a Dolphin, to face his former team -- has been moved. It will now be played in Tempe, Arizona. Tickets from San Diego will not be honored, as admission will be free. Thus, many of my friends from San Diego, some of who had just travelled there from Chicago and Las Vegas and Spokane, have to find some way to get to Tempe early enough to get free tickets, and they can't drive east on I-8 because of the fires. They will have to drive north on I-15 and then work their way south to Tempe. What a crazy situation!

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