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Seeking: pork rinds and blistex.

Our kitchen is a mess right now. This is making life difficult on many levels. Yes, I have started the Atkins diet, partly because the science behind it seems to make sense and partly because I no longer have the will power to starve myself. I am supposed to be eating mostly meat and eggs (and other high-protein, no-carb foods), which would seem easy enough. Yet you'd be surprised how thoroughly carbs have invaded our modern American diet. (Sadly, I'm not even allowed plain yogurt for a little while.) And, with the kitchen about to be demolished for house renovations, I have to keep tabs on how many steaks/eggs I can buy before we lose our stove. Some things can be cooked in a toaster oven or microwave, but others cannot, at least not well. Not having a kitchen encourages a high carb diet, with all the cup-a-soups and such one can make. I must find creative ways of getting my protein while avoiding carbs for the few weeks the kitchen is out of commission. Which means I'll be even more receptive than usual to eating out, if anyone cares to join me.

Things I wish to post about:
  • My trip to Jacksonville on the weekend of October 4th.

  • The visit from my high school friend Rob on the weekend of October 11th, the same weekend I went apple picking.

  • My trip to Chicago on the weekend of November 2nd.

  • My trip to Silver Spring, MD/Washington, DC/Arlington, VA, on the weekend of November 9th.

Maybe during my Christmas trip to Panamá I'll get around to it.

Egg shells are harder than they appear.

I saw Matrix: Revolutions at the Aquarium's IMAX screen[1] on Tuesday with Dan[2]. Wow! I've seen movies on an IMAX before, but wow! Why exactly isn't this the standard? All movies should be shown on IMAX.

I'm sorry I missed all the housewarmings/halloween parties while I was travelling. Next time choose your dates better! ;)

On the drive down to Maryland (I drove down with JC and flew back by myself), JC and I conversed about things we look for in a city. (My dad seems to think I'm disillusioned by the East Coast, but that's not true. I just can't stand Boston, but that's been true for a couple of years.) So, what do I look for? I city that is cosmopolitan, intelligent, sophisticated, down-to-earth, unpretentious (unlike the Northeast), friendly, cultured, near a large body of water, in a warmer climate, with hilly topography, and with (or near) a major sports team. I was very impressed with Chicago, but it's cold and flat. If only we could move Chicago to the mid-Atlantic states! Right now, the top cities on my radar screen would have to be Washington, San Francisco, Portland, and (without having visited) Seattle. Pittsburgh would be right up there, too, if I could consider three rivers to be a large body of water -- Pittsburgh fits all the other criteria. I will most likely be visiting Charlotte, NC, next year, and I should also check out Memphis, New Orleans, and San Antonio at some point.

So then JC tells me that I will move away from Boston but will invariably find myself moving back a few years later, because no other city has what Boston has to offer. Good thing I wasn't drinking anything when he said that, or we would have had to look around for paper towels! But, I suppose, his Boston bias aside, that he has a point. What other city can you think of that is a bureaucratic nightmare, is run by unions (to the downfall of the city's infrastructure), is so extremely racist while claiming to be the bastion of freedom, has such fucked up roads and parking and police, is so unfriendly and pretentious, and is cold? I can't think of any.

Must clean room today. Fun, fun, fun. But at least I got to sleep in. Yay!

Now that LJ allows 5 extra userpics to paid members, I'm going to be wasting a lot of time playing with Photoshop.

[1] Go figure, the first time I go to Boston's famous New England Aquarium, and it's to see a popular movie on an IMAX screen, not to do aquarium-related things.

[2] But not Keya. I do a lot of things where it's just Keya and me or where it's Keya and Dan and me, but I hadn't done anything where it was just Dan and me since we went to see Spiderman together. I don't want him to think that Keya has to be around for me to socialize with him, and it's good to have some guy time anyway.


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Nov. 15th, 2003 10:22 pm (UTC)
uh, good luck.
What other city can you think of that is a bureaucratic nightmare, is run by unions (to the downfall of the city's infrastructure), is so extremely racist while claiming to be the bastion of freedom, has such fucked up roads and parking and police, is so unfriendly and pretentious, and is cold?

um... San Francisco?

Then, substitute [regional weather hell] for cold, pretty much any city in the US. And, where you manage to avoid racism and "pretension" you'll get run out of town for being anything but a monogamous, heterosexual christian.
Nov. 16th, 2003 01:05 am (UTC)
Re: uh, good luck.
We've had very different experiences in San Francisco. And what weather hell is there in Frisco? There is no weather there, just sun and wind. Earthquakes don't count as weather.

And if you think you can't find a city where there's no racism or pretension without having to be a monogamous heterosexual Christian, you've obviously never been to Chicago or DC.

Let me guess, you're a Boston native? Well, I'm not, and this city sucks. And, before you say it, yes, I do plan to leave, as soon as I can work it out.

(BTW, despite being a monogamous, heterosexual Christian, I would never live in a place where they'd run you out of town for being otherwise.)
Nov. 16th, 2003 01:40 am (UTC)
guess again.
Native? My total lack of a new england accent should be your first clue, but anyway, I moved here in 1998.

San Francisco summers live up to Mark Twain's descriptions as the coldest winters he's ever experiences.

I've spent time in DC and Chicago, and, clearly, my experiences of them differ from yours. Not necessarily *more* racism or pretension than I notice here, but not noticably less.

The point is, any place you go can suck, depending on your attitude.
There are plenty of reasons to leave Boston - I expect I will, sooner or later. Just make sure you're not giving yourself false expectations for wherever you end up.
Nov. 16th, 2003 09:43 am (UTC)
Re: guess again.
Trust me, I'm very familiar with the Bay Area. And no, I don't expect to find perfection anywhere. Ultimately, where I move will depend on my career, and there's a chance I'll move to a city like Cincinnati or Cleveland next year for conservatory.

You don't have an accent? Not the sort of thing I notice.

Anyhow, whether or not I can find the ideal city elsewhere doesn't change the fact that Boston is a hellhole. The only reasons I haven't left yet are (1) so many of my friends live here, (2) my voice teacher is here, and (3) the job I can't stand is flexible and has good benefits. I've lived in various places, and I have never felt about any of those places as I do about Boston. (For the record, Boston is a nice place compared to a real shithole like Los Angeles.)
Nov. 16th, 2003 01:57 am (UTC)
My wife has been using the Atkins Diet for quite a long while - and knows a hell of a lot about that diet...unfortunately, she has disappeared from LJ, and gone back onto Xanga - so if you want to ask her anything, you will have to reach her there. (I once dropped a stone almost overnight on that diet - but I let my carbs drop too low, and made myself extremely sick.) That is the danger with ketosis diets - you have to watch those carbs levels...as you need a certain amount to fuel the brain - too little and you lose the power of thought. The other thing is, too little carbs will cause your body to flood your bloosdstream with toxins - as they get shunted off into the fat cells from food addictives, drugs and alcohol to get them out of your blood...and when you start to detoxify, they come pouring out again. If you allow them to come out too quickly, you really run the risk of auto-poisoning and death - so be very careful.

If you call by my wife's site, mention my name...so that she knows who you are.

I do agree with your father, though - why are you doing this so close to Thanksgiving? The Atkins Diet works and is very effective - and will work just as effectively after Thanksgiving.

Eat, drink and be merry...for tomorrow we go on Atkins. :)
Nov. 16th, 2003 06:37 am (UTC)
In this morning's Intellectual Pages (AKA the comics) Adam @ Home showed the title character pouring heavy cream over pork rind chips in a bowl as a form of withdrawal from breakfast cereal on the Adkins diet. Is that what you wanted the pork rinds for? In that case, what is the Blistiks for?

Actually, I find that the Least Coast has some redeemind features. There have been a few days in the past couple of months I have wished Cathy and her little dog would move there. Mostly, though, I just wish we could send back all of the Easterners who have moved to California. The Southerns, too. And don't get me started on the various varieties of Asians and Hispanics who've moved here. And at least one big, dumb Austrian.

But I dream.

But you do know that I favor Planned Parenthood as applied to many of these same groups.
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