Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Ai-yee! What a morning so far!

I have a lunch date with "Miss America" today. I decided I would prefer dark blue highlights than the green highlights the blue fades to. This takes an additional 20-25 minutes of preparation in the morning because I have to wash my hair, dry it, apply the hair coloring, and then wait 15 minutes before I rinse it out. I consolidate things so that I can brush my teeth, shave, etc., then turn the water back on and soap up the rest of my body and rinse before I rinse the hair. As I was finishing rinsing my body, the water's temperature plummeted. It instantly went from warm but not scalding to bone-chillingly ice cold. I knew the construction workers, who had started working just minutes before, had shut off the water heater. I grabbed a towel and a pair of sandals and, dripping blue hair dye everywhere, wandered around the house -- our floor, first floor, basement -- searching for the construction workers, who had disappeared. I tried to figure out how to turn the hot water back on but could not. After several minutes, they reappeared. I asked them if they had shut off the water, which they admitted to, and (after cracking a little joke about my low tolerance for freezing showers), they turned the hot water back on quickly.

As if that wasn't enough, as I was going through the South Station tunnel on the way to work, some idiot in the right lane decided he needed to get off at the left lane exit immediately to our left. So he cuts me off and slows down. I was only going about 45-50 mph, but I had to slam on my brakes and almost lost control of my car because of this idiot.

I hope the rest of the day goes better!
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