Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

Well, the ankle seems to be healing pretty quickly. I could probably have gone to work without the crutch. I dispensed with it when I got home. I can move around, albeit with a limp.

I'm debating whether to take the crutch to work tomorrow and use it. I think I could go the whole day without it. But there is still some pain if I put my full weight on the ankle or turn it a certain way. Maybe I should have the crutch just in case, even if I don't use it.

I have an appointment scheduled for Thursday morning with an orthopaedic doctor. I'm debating whether or not to cancel it. After all, my ankle feels so much better. But then, maybe that doesn't mean that there isn't damage. The ankle is still pretty swollen and bruised, so maybe the rest of my ankle is overcompensating for something that is damaged inside. But I feel kind of silly going to the doctor about this now that I can walk without crutches.
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