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All but four of my Christmas gifts are bought. I still have to find a copy of Gabriel García Marquez' autobiography Vivir para contarla in Spanish for my aunt. If I can't, then I will just give her the one I bought for myself and buy myself another copy later. I want to buy a little something for my grandmother. My options are somewhat limited, though, because she can't see well enough to appreciate something pretty and is severely restricted enough in her diet that I don't dare buy her a culinary treat. I'll think of something in the next week. Finally, I want to buy a gift for my friend Bri and need to pick up something for the office's gift exchange. Everything else is purchased, though, and some of it is even wrapped. (I took advantage of the 20% faculty discount at the Barnes and Noble BU Bookstore today! And I didn't manage to escape without buying myself something: Ursula K. LeGuin's The Left Hand of Darkness.)
I needed to call Keya to ask her if she knew of any gift desires Dan had. Keya and Dan did not answer their cellphones, so I had to call JC and ask him to pass her the phone. A couple of hours later I needed to reach Tubby, so I tried his cellphone to no avail. Then I tried JC, Dan, and Keya, in that order. I tried all their phones several times. Finally, another hour later, JC noticed the missed call and got me in touch with Tubby. What the hell good is knowing four of your friends are in the same loud place if not one has his/her phone on vibrate mode???
I can see the future, and it is good. I see beautiful spacious modern refrigerators, wonderful new stoves, and -- perhaps the most important revelation -- dishwashers! Yes, Tubby's new appliances were delivered today, and I am pretty psyched, especially about the dishwasher. I can't wait till they finish remodelling the kitchen.
I can't wait till they finish remodelling the kitchen. It doesn't feel like I am living in a home. Everything is a mess (and the situation I have created, through disregard, in my room doesn't help), and there is dust everywhere: on clean clothes, on furniture, on books, on the floor, in the air. Plus, it would be nice not to have to guess where we stored things temporarily and to be able to cook meat in something other than a toaster oven or a microwave.
Saturday night is the office holiday party. For me, this is work, for I organized it and I have to make sure everything runs smoothly. I am effectively the host. It will be more of a challenge than usual on a crutch and a gimpy leg.
I'd better check my passport to make sure it's not expired.
Foz the Cat seems to know when I want to post something on my journal. As soon as I pull out the laptop, he emerges from his hiding spot, climbs onto the couch, and sits on my chest purring. I'm glad I only need my fingers to type, because currently he is sitting on my arm as I peer over his head to make sure I hit the correct keys.
Anybody want to go see a movie in the coming week? <grin>
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