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Book 9

  1. Matheson, Richard — I Am Legend (161 pages)
  2. McCarthy, Cormac — No Country for Old Men (307 pages)
  3. Dexter, Gary — Why Not Catch 21?: The Stories Behind the Titles (213 pages)
  4. Ryman, Geoff — 253 (366 pages)
  5. Wyndham, John — The Day of the Triffids (267 pages)
  6. Kurkov, Andrey — Death and the Penguin (228 pages)
  7. Chesterton, G.K. — Orthodoxy (183 pages)
  8. Gibbs, Christopher H., ed. — The Cambridge Companion to Schubert (334 pages)
  9. Sendak, Maurice — Where the Wild Things Are (48 pages — though only 1 page will count towards my tally)

Page count: 2060.

I debated whether or not to include this in my annual tally. Ultimately, I decided, it is a book and, hence, belongs; but, since it is a book comprised almost entirely of illustrations, I cannot justify adding all 48 pages to the tally of pages read. Instead, I will count it as one book and only one page.

I was browsing through a bookstore Friday night when I saw Where the Wild Things Are on the shelf. It had been decades since I had read it. I knew that I was going to a concert the following evening featuring a work by Oliver Knussen, who composed a wonderful little opera of the same name based entirely on Sendak's book. Thus, I couldn't very well not re-read Where the Wild Things Are right there on the spot. It took all of maybe three minutes.

And what a magical three minutes! I'm looking forward to having children just so I can read this to them. The story is wonderful and heart-warming, but the illustrations are priceless. Those in the middle of the book documenting the rumpus especially made me smile.

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