Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

I'm really not getting Friendster....

What's the point if you can only read friends' profiles and not friends' friends' profiles? And how am I supposed to add new friends if I don't know their last names or e-mail addresses? (And, yes, there are several people I'd consider friends who I only know on a first name basis.)

So, um, if you're on Friendster and want to add me, please do. My e-mail address is panama at sp-webdesign dot com.

Update: So I read the FAQ and, since the answer to my questions weren't there, I zipped off an e-mail to I received an automated response: they e-mailed me their FAQ and said that if I still had questions I should send an e-mail to That pisses me off! What should I expect to have to do now, send an e-mail to after reading yet another copy of their FAQ? Remind me, why did I sign up for this service? <sigh>
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