Panama (spwebdesign) wrote,

To read or not to read…

I started my most recent book a couple of days ago. I went through a careful selection process, picking the books off my shelf that I felt in the mood for, reading blurbs and looking up online reviews. The winner was a late addition to the finalists, but I was struck by all the glowing reviews of this inspirational 'true story'.

As so often happens, something I read prompted me to Google for more info. In the process I found out that the book is likely a fraud, not at all a true story. I thought I detected a false tone in the narrative.

My desire to read this book is now greatly diminished. I'm only 37 pages into this 278-page book, so it's not as though I've made a huge investment in it. But then, 37 pages is nothing to sneeze at for a slow reader like myself. And all the positive reviews must indicate that the story is compelling, so I could treat it merely as a normal piece of fiction. But, is the story compelling because it is such a great story and well told, or because we're working under the assumption that the author is honest and because true accounts of incredible human achievement inspire us?

What would you do in a similar situation?
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